10 Footballers ANGRY at their *NEW* FIFA 19 Ratings! (Ronaldo, Salah & Messi)

10 Footballers ANGRY at their *NEW* FIFA 19 Ratings! (Ronaldo, Salah & Messi)

Cristiano Ronaldo was furious when he found out his FIFA 19 rating Messi was Heartbroken and see how all the other published the answers had a fee for 19 ratings throughout this video It’s not Tommy year time to put my headphones to react to the public reactions their fee for my team ratings a Few minutes later no more fighting no more saying Jeff took a pentakill. Una cosa. No Please at all there. I definitely know what he’s thinking He’s like if I’m 92 rated then that means like Bera he know must be 95 rates which means I suck which I Used to show Caribbean this is actually in the beginning of the video feature We as players have had enough the ratings that have been given to us or the past few seasons cannot continue No, they actually cannot defeat ratings a disgraceful How in God’s earth is Danny Welbeck 80 rated? So Kevin de Bruyne is upset as well. Probably just spread positive See guys and a massive team negativity what happened to the smiles and a happy energy Why is everyone upset with their fever ratings on FIFA 19 the brain is? Furious, he’s boycotting EA we’ve had enough of EA’s bullshit with price ranges and stuff And now the foot bonus has which just sums it up for him Yeah also side note if you want beef 19 for free just make sure to click the subscribe button He hits 3000 likes I give way to puppies instead of one to a lucky person is described symmetric subscribe so you don’t miss out on that Long as a vehicle for therapy It’s funny broken CPM slow and Ronaldo until Jewish muck like me 5350 free pace bro. Do you even know what running is? Yeah aren’t even rather than that one up in come on. Oh Oh Why is he been in his cards, are you finally even that bad? I’m gonna keep watching. Does anyone have anything positive to say about that thief 19 Racing’s issue? Oh Someone watch case I pass is Logan Why do you get the bad part about music like the same flippin snaps and breathing for like long posts forever. God knows years I’ve don’t think I’ve ever seen him not eighty-six rated. Kevin de Bruyne up pleased to carry I mean tweet bed I probably up bang on the money 90 wonder boy. Thank you. He’s like the best food builder in the world deserves he looks like right around with whores I Should have just edited the caption that would have been more professional to me clapping like a nerd 85 castle in range Casimiro thinks he should be 91 readers I’m on a e7 give him an IPA 89 at late. He should be at least 90 Chokin its approachable and amore that Wing to seduce all the ladies that wink is like approval. He’s happy of is 94 rating Did I just miss something did he just write 100 rated? Excuse me, Cristiano da. Hai is it 99? Can someone give him the memo please? And then leave my movie saw earlier wasn’t too happy. I wonder what rating Messi must be He must be 93 waited. But the main question I’ve been waiting for is gonna be I think he’s gonna be Intrigued And I’m gonna give you more I knew you dr. Jackson’s nephew racing So I’m going to show you what other covers had to say about their thievery things over the years Manchester City Announced Kyle Walker and they asked him here’s your fee 18 cards What’s that’s do you think you’re gonna have you can see a fever 18 cards there? So let me slow it down for you that card design looks sick Obviously this video isn’t out yet, but it’s cool to see the pbteen car design so soon Kyle Walker is gonna predict his fever eighteen ratings, but that is so sick as soon as he saw in Manchester City No, fog, right? Let’s see what racing you’re gonna be on FIFA lag And because this one is blind you’ve gotta let me know in the comment section below What rating will Kyle Walker be on FIFA 18? I’m really gonna have to put like a GT racing on it because it’s the most violence I’ve ever seen on FIFA in my life children to cover your eyes Oh My gods body is destroying his FIFA Kylie’s pistes a silver cards. He does hit by the thing straight off Oh My gods he he is an absolute nutter He’s bonkers, but now this year he has got a gold card for pretty much team underneath So obviously he deserves a gold card Okay, we know what you just saw but this is what I saw the first time I was watching it We have got potentially the best football at FIFA ever whole cities David milah He please put champions almost every weekend and on his channel He does videos like put champions reward packs, which means he’s pretty decent if you get those packs So as you can see David Milo’s got a st. Patrick’s Day playing a pack and he is from Island So, you know what he has chance of packing himself and you know what he does he just does that straight up he packs himself David minor pack David – like David minor section like My head actually hurts from that one – David milah packs himself and his duped about David – David minor patch stupid on Dave my love David milah He already has yeah, your head’s probably hiding more than my head’s hurting but David minor after achieving Potentially everyone’s dream job as a kid. He’s doing what I’m doing right now, which Myself Wants to do what I’m doing, yeah – david whele hacking himself with the times We are in today FIFA 17 We have got some FIFA 17 greetings for you Knights today Oscar has full Twitter and picks the Moses of trying to predict their feed Britain’s obviously It’s almost in the FIFA. We know what ratings they actually are. But well they know what ratings they are They don’t have any clue. I can’t even see with that handwriting 86 based on pics of Moses. I do not think so You’re not even close my friends 85 ace on the Left backers of the Twitter Imagine that if you had a new pool table this year one looks like that Imagine that that sent about card had that much pace. It’s never gonna happen. These are unrealistic It doesn’t matter how fast you think you are. We have to be with the times on fever, you know centre backs and Non-records, they’re never gonna have sat so of 85 a trivet in Moscow. That’s way too low How’s he doing in so dirty, you know, he’s a sick player It’s death shall see now but he was a phenomenal Chelsea. All of those stats are just completely off. They are nowhere close but let me see if as Pathetically guess what racing Oscar is obviously we know it’s 83 but does have to know that Always giving him an 80 or oh my god. He’s one off that is so close Here are the results. Anyway, how is it Victor Moses gonna be a c418? It’s an on drag height So the best it could be is like an 81 82. I push. Oh, that’s a nice one Not even eight before the hander and is so bad, but actual 177 don’t blame me blame the handwriting 84 an aspic quitter Is that what they predicted or is that what they actually thought that is the actual card? Yeah, then what a terrible you should just stick to being professional football. You’re good at football You’re not good at predicting FIFA ratings. You put 74 defending you were like 33 34 I I’ve been put in a spot for math, so don’t blame me here, but here are the stats of the free cards None of them were even close. I’ve Anna asbill Questor was one racing off guessing Oscars racing Look at this, dude Top of his head He’s using a sharpie to sharpen up the trim, but I don’t think it works like that I don’t think sharpies are sharpened I’m meant to be used to haircuts Danielli. I’m sorry. You’re just unsavable Anyway on to what you are here for more footballers going angry over their feed ratings and being disappointed Okay, the racing is about to be unveiled To Harry Kane, is he gonna be happy? So you gonna be pissed he’s gonna headbutt the cards You know what before the concert, you know that bad So obviously if he’s not going to be headphones near 84 shooting is pretty good should be higher this year though He’s banks so many goals. The last one defending corners are quite good. Why is he complaining about his defending? Okay, Harry your striker and you’re pissed off that you’re defending zuv. It’s too low passing 71. That’s actually quite justified It’s not like you’re Pirlo Bernardino picking out parties from your left pocket no your clinical striker your poacher So the first one you’re gonna see you see Castro awesome Ryan He’s got 15 million Queens top right round. It sports him with paint minion, but close enough Anyway, he’s just about to open this pack Then he does it with his nose and you’re probably thinking Alfie you can see it’s a walk out But Kasia is not a footballer asshole. Well, is it gonna be caster in a pack? No, it’s one of the best footballers in the world Marco royce, so this is when they announced the new pack animation You’re probably thinking out these where’s Marco Roy? There is Marco Roy’s coming out with his doorman shirts to take his pack is like you pat me Marco grace I pay myself I’m taking what’s mine? Literally and then he comes thanks everyone for getting himself in of Hattin Frank very much. I own the world economy I want myself in the pack, but it’s now mine in exchange. You can have a Dortmund shirt if I can have myself So Marco Ruiz does get Marco Ruiz in a pack, which is the theme of this video. So it’s not really surprising Right, let’s see Oh we got the Bayern münich pose the strongest parent feedback confirm our Harry Kane Andrew Stanton – I’ve covered a couple of these check yota as well with Spencer FC Oh My gods This is actually made the news. That’s actually ridiculous. Harry Kane thought he deserves higher defending He’s good at defending corners. Antonia’s pace has come from 92 to 87 downgraded by five That’s why II was so pissed about his FIFA rating and he went on a mad one on Twitter which I’m going to cover later in the video on its own then we got riverine he reckons he should be 90 overall even though He’s been injured for pretty much a whole season. So how’s that gonna work? He’s only 86 and he featured a high and 25 defending of course, not you never tracked back my fingers obviously upsets He’s an hombre right back. But Artie Sanchez who’s a beast in the midfield is happy of 78, bro You should be looking at you free 84 you a machine But then is a de biohacking phenoix the strongest player on FIFA 17 still which I kind of boy the answered a second ago But you can guess by his reaction as you can see, of course. He is his car’s terrible But at least he’s still the strongest man on FIFA 17 I don’t know why I’m pointing at my muscles because I have none but if I was on FIFA I’d probably be the strongest player. Like what’s that about a confirm? I got me Nothing and next what you’ll want to see hot skills in general We all want to see that but also hot girls in general reacting to FIFA ratings. This is what I live for This is why I was born for voice cracks was why I was born for as well Alex Owoh B’s hot girlfriend is reacting to his FIFA ratings and it’s just a shame She’s in black and white because she’s actually oh well Do you look at her she is so pain like I wouldn’t kill her fee for eating and SATs I’ve got if coming home to a girl like her everyday I should probably stop staring at her and put my headphones on so I can hear what she’s saying 12 seconds. Later Yep You can read on tracks. That is awesome Mm-hmm clog to you. This is nice that it’s mobile. Okay? Let’s keep it PG eraser, please It’s too low in my opinion Good for silver He’s gone machine fifteen ons way too low Backing track use a defender. So obviously sixty past Dunham a bit dirty Is visible darling yes is his vision you got it Like I can do that you didn’t even react to the status will give you an opinion you just read them out

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  1. Giroud says he should have higher stats on his pace. This guy literally stays offside for the whole time and barely runs.

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