10 Early 90’s WWF (’90-’95) Wrestlers Who Refuse to Retire -Where are they now??

10 Early 90’s WWF (’90-’95) Wrestlers Who Refuse to Retire -Where are they now??

What is going on guys it is Wrestlamia here with another video just before we get into the video Don’t forget to like or dislike the video subscribe turn on notifications and leave a comment down below Early 90s debido beer was certainly a strange period in wrestling whilst Hulkamania was still a huge draw hogan wasn’t as big as he was in the 80s both in terms of size and popularity Once the wbf saw a farewell to massive eighties wrestlers such as Randy Savage and the Ultimate Warrior the WEF assured in the new generation bringing in a number of forgettable and Unforgettable child-friendly gimmicks as well as creating huge stars such as Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels Who went on to have legendary careers both legends have now retired? concentrating on other passions outside of wrestling There are however some wrestlers who are unable to walk away from the squared circle and continue wrestling into their early 50s Whether they have to keep wrestling to pay the bills or just can’t step away from the ring these 10 wrestlers were all once Massively popular during the early 90s and still are wrestling in 2017 if you didn’t see some of the wrestlers that you thought belong on this list check out our other previous video covering 80s WWF wrestlers number one the 1-2-3 kid more famously known as x-pac Sean Waltman debuted in the WEF in 1993 at the young age of only 20 as the Kamikaze kid he Experimented with a few more names becoming the Cannonball kid and just the kid before Making his TV debut on Monday Night Raw in an upset win over Razor Ramon and henceforth becoming the 1-2-3 kid The kid quickly became a fan favorite in the WEF but left in 1996 only to return in 1998 joining d-generation X Unfortunately his wild lifestyle would take its toll on Waltman, and he would become involved in a number of controversies Nevertheless world continue to wrestle And we’ll go into wrestling in TNA joining his buddy Scott wall and BG James after TNA he would appear in a substantial number of promotions including jakara And triple-a before returning and making several appearances in WV including his run-in with degeneration X at WrestleMania 31 Looking much healthier and recently cleared of charges involving pills carried at Los Angeles Airport Waltman continues to wrestle on the independent circuit even teaming with billy gunn representing d-generation x number two Tatanka Tatanka surprised probably all 100,000 Plus in attendance at WrestleMania 32 when he entered the Andre the Giant memorial battle royal whilst he wasn’t in the best shape possible He still performed well and was among some of the final wrestlers to be eliminated debuting all the way back in 1992 Tatanka had an impressive winning streak until finish wrestler Ludvig Borga put an end to it after two years Tatanka would remain in the WEF until 1996 before leaving and wrestling on the independent circuit It wouldn’t be until 2005 that he would make his return to the double-double year What was only intended to be a one-off appearance? Tatanka returned to a full-time schedule as both the singles wrestler and oddly tagging with Matt Hardy feuding with Eminem He would return to the independent circuit before making his WWE appearance at WrestleMania 32 Tatanka is still not done with wrestling and recently wrestled in ultimate championship wrestling number three the Steiner Brothers The Steiners were at the top of their game in the early to mid 90s winning the WWF and NWA WCW Tag Team Championships early on in their career whilst they run in the WEF was short They made a huge impact going over as baby faces the brothers competed in matches all around the world before disbanding in 1998 and Scott Steiner turning heel taking on a much different look Now with increased muscle mass and a new no-nonsense attitude Scott was on the road to a huge push. Eventually becoming WCW World Heavyweight Champion as for brother Rick he didn’t mirror the same access and went on to form tag teams with a number of different wrestlers in WCW including Judy Bagwell the brothers reunited in 2006 and went on to wrestle together as a tag team in TNA before ending the team once again in 2008 while Scott continued to wrestle as a singles competitor Rick took a backseat to wrestling and Concentrated on his real-estate business before returning to wrestling in 2013 they continued to wrestle as both tag team and singles competitors in 2017 and recently appeared in GameChanger wrestling on the 17th of October number 4, Savio Vega 1 Rivera started off his WWF run strangely as crying the ninja in 1993 even though it lasted for just under two years the gimmick wasn’t popular one was repackaged as Savio Vega and allied with kayfabe childhood friend Razor Ramon losing in the finals of the 1995 King of the Ring tournament to Mabel he feuded with Steve Austin before fading into the background Losing a number of undercard matches Vega, then turned heel joining the nation of domination Before forming his own stable loss barrique was and being involved in the 1997 gang wars He would enter the brawl for all tournament before leaving the wvf and joining the IWA until 2008 before working as a road agent for TNA and working in their indian promotion ring car King He has since been active in many Porto Rican promotions having most success with world wrestling council world wrestling league and more smaller promotions such as CWA number 5 Jeff jarred co-founder of Impact Wrestling Jarret started off as a upper-mid card country singer in the WWF as double J Jeff Jarrett becoming a much hated arrogant heel feuding with Razor Ramon And eventually becoming the Thibodeaux BF Intercontinental Champion He would bounce in and out of the Thibodeaux via returning to invade the WBF within Jim Cornette NWA stable before leaving once more and Reprising his country singer gimmick with a new attitude winning the WEF Tag Team Championship with Owen Hart before leaving the WEF in a controversial Contract spew that allegedly had him extort money from Vince McMahon in order to wrestle without a contract he would return to WCW Having better success and winning the heavyweight title When WCW folded in 2001 Vince never forgave Jarrod and decided he should be gone He would instead create a new promotion calling it Total Nonstop Action Wrestling Acting as a competitor and running backstage operations even though Jarrett has made less appearances wrestling he has formed good relationships with other various promotions including triple-a However Jarrett caused much controversy when he pelted fans with tortillas at this year’s Triple mania number six said justice after leaving WCW in 1991 losing to El Gigante Sid tried his luck in WBF where he would appear as a guest referee in the SummerSlam 1991 event Sid would eventually turn heel and main event WrestleMania 8 with Hulk Hogan Sid would have the perfect look for a champion But it wasn’t until his return in 1995 that he would go on to winning the WBA Championship from Shawn Michaels But would then leave again in 1997 requiring neck surgery and moving on to WCW in mid-1999. It was there He would have his career threatening injury breaking his leg in half however Not only did Sid recover, but he returned to wrestling in 2004 Sid even wrestled a match against Heath Slater But this year however Sid wrestled his last match ever in Great North Wrestling defeating Paul Rosenberg in Ottawa Ontario Canada number 7 Bob Holly entering the wbf as NASCAR driver Thurman Sparky plugg in January 1994 He achieved moderate success as Debbie to be a tag team champion with the 1-2-3 kid he later went under the name of hog khojali after winning the hardcore championship and later teamed with kayfabe cousin crash Holly Holly would be best known for his controversial appearance on the third series of tough enough where he stiffed competitor and trainee Matt Cappotelli After a run-in WB’s ECW poly faded into the background and left the debate over he in January 2009 after a 15-year tenure with the company Even after his long run with the WB Holly carries on wrestling with various promotions in Europe including making a one-off appearance In TNA still in phenomenal shape 450 years of age. Holly was seen recently wrestling an independent promotion CCW number 8 Billy Gunn Billy Gunn started off in the WEF as one half of the tag team smoking Gunn’s in 1993 winning the WEF tag team championship He was of course more recognized in the stable of d-generation X and one half of the New Age Outlaws Gunn was with the company for 11 years before leaving and moving on to TNA reuniting with former partner Road Dogg he returned to the divi divi in 2012 reuniting degeneration X with former partners and returning to a full-time schedule until 2015 now at the age of 53 he still wrestles in New Japan Pro Wrestling as a member of the Bullock Club hunter stable in 2016 and took part in the g1 special in the US number nine hakushi dressed in white with buddha Shakyamuni hakushi was a mysterious character who never spoke, but brought a new style to wrestling in the new generation era But though he didn’t last long in the WEF He was more famously remembered feuding with Bret Hart in the inaugural in your house pay-per-view Hakushi was then demoted to lower mid card feeling with both barry horowitz and skip of the bodydonnas before leaving the WWF in 1996 and moving back to japan wrestling in New Japan Pro Wrestling and frontier pro wrestling since 2003 however he became president of Michinoku Pro Wrestling which has become his main stay where he wrestles in 2017 and number 10 Jean Pierre Lafitte Canadian wrestler Carr Lula started out in the WWF as one half of the Quebecers with jacques rougeau Winning the WEF championship three times after the tag team disbanded Hulett was repackaged as a singles wrestler and became pirate Jean Pierre Lafitte engaging in a feud with Bret Hart in 1995 who let seem to be destined for big things in the WEF however He refuse to put over diesel and a Montreal house show ending with a clean finish as a result the match ended in a double count-out Due to his refusal putting over diesel the clique quickly exercised their power backstage burying Newland Who was then subsequently fired who let wrestled in a number of different promotions including? WCW ECW and eventually TNA he wrestled on the independent circuit until 2011 announcing his retirement however since 2016 he is returned to pro wrestling wrestling at an nwf event in Quebec, Canada. He continues to wrestle in 2017 wrestling with Great North wrestling promotion earlier this year Well guys there you have a 10 popular early 90s WB wrestlers. Who are still wrestling in 2017 again apologies for my voice today, I still haven’t recovered 100%, but I hope you enjoyed the video And I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content

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  1. That's the 1st time I ever heard Paul Rosenburg's name mentioned in any mainstream wrestling video. He only performs in Montreal & nearby promotions: IWS, Rage Wrestling, ToW, Seaway Valley Wrestling, NCW, etc…

  2. This video described one of the wrestlers as "feuding with Barry Horrowitz". Really never thought I'd hear that sentence.

  3. Been watching wrestling since 1995, never heard nor saw tantaka, not even in 05. Never once heard the name until watching this. That's crazy

  4. Those weren't tattoo's on Hakushi it was paint. They used like a stamp roller. I thought they were real at first cause they never peeled off or smeared

  5. #1 on this list SHOULD BE — HHH! He is an arrogant ass who is past his prime by a long shot! He should be eating grass by now in his retirement pasture!

  6. I am surprised that undertaker and kane isn't on the list i mean they started their career on 90's undertaker started on the beginning of 1990 so did kane idk when and still wresling today

  7. DX was the best team. Great skits and humor plus amazing wrestling with storylines. They were crucial to the attitude era and the WWF's success.

  8. Bret Hart is a punk…. wants to thrash on WWE but like a mangy dog keeps coming back fro a free hand out.

  9. Gunn is a true freak of nature. I saw him wrestle in April and father time hasn't come close to catching him. He still moves like a cat and never gets tired

  10. 123's upset over Razor was not his television debut. He was on tv 2 or 3 weeks in a row, as a jobber, specifically to set up that "omg a jobber beat Razor Ramon!" storyline.

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