10 Biggest Fight Between Players From The Same Country | TOP10slive

10 Biggest Fight Between Players From The Same Country | TOP10slive

number ten virat kohli and Gautam Gambhir things got really ugly in an IPL 2013 match between kk r and r CB when a verbal confrontation between godom gam her and Virat Kohli occurred right in the middle of the match Virat Kohli was caught out in the sweeper cover in the tenth over and KKR captain gam her along with other players converged in the middle to celebrate following an apparent exchange of words between the two gam her suddenly approached angrily towards Kohli who was still standing at short cover instead of walking back however Rajat vadia intervened and pushed the two just in time before they could get into a spat even as the fielders and umpires came to cool the simmering tension both Kohli and gam her downplayed the event after the end of the match number 9 Ahmed Shehzad and wahab riaz on the occasion of Valentine’s Day 2016 there was no love lost between Ahmed Shehzad and wahab riaz after we’ll have dismissed jhaza in a psl match between quetta gladiators and Peshawar zal me after breaking his stumps with a slower one rhyaz approached jhaza throwing a few words teammates and umpires came running when rhyaz pushed shahzad and kept exchanging words this was in follow-up to shahzad raising his bat at rhyaz after hitting a six off the previous ball both of them were heavily fined by the Pakistan Cricket Board later number eight ravindra JJ and suresh raina always lightning-fast on the field suresh raina had misjudged two catches against west indies in a tri-series match in 2013 14 the verbal duel took place when a frustrated JJ after dismissing sunil narine walked towards rana and apparently had a cold exchange of words some reports claim that JJ took a jibe at rana losing the captaincy to virat kohli and even made comments at his failed fielding attempts however the tension died down at the end of the match got over and the to walk off the field together number 7 Matthew Hayden and Glenn McGrath it was 1994 and both the Australians were still finding their feet in international cricket a strong Australian 18 was playing a match with the Australian first eleven in the benson and hedges World Series and two of the country’s future stars got into a fight in the middle of the match Hayden smashed the ball to the cover fence and while crossing over for a run exchanged words with Glenn McGrath the polar not impressed by what he heard gave Hayden an earful and shoved him aside Hayden later admitted he had thought that McGrath intentionally stuck his arm out when Hayden was trying to cross and that started the verbal spat the icc match referee John Reed menhaden later but since Reed wasn’t sanctioned for the match there was no jurisdiction number six michael clarke and simon katich after triumphing over a strong South African outfit in 2009 Simon Katich decided to celebrate the moment with his teammates by singing the Australian victory song under the Southern Cross I stand Michael Clarke however was keen on catching up with his model fiance and was in disagreement with the timing of the song even as stun teammates watched Katich allegedly caught Michael Clarke by the throat the incident had some serious implications on Katich his career and even led to his early exit after Clark was made captain in late 2009 Katich later admitted that the incident was a moment of passion and can be related to his bubbling Croatian bloodline number five mohammad asif and show up actor show a factor in a colorful career for the Pakistan had a beautiful affair with controversy one such incident which threatened to end his career prematurely happened ahead of the 2007 world t20 actor got into a disagreement with fellow pacer Muhammad Asif and struck him with a bat on his left thigh which left the latter bruise this dressing-room incident led to actors withdrawal from the tournament’s inaugural edition and a vine along with a band of three matches actor or later apologized to assit for the incident but reignited another controversy saying that it was Aphrodite provoked him to take the extreme step number four Doug Bracewell and Jesse Ryder this one took place outside the cricket field and turned into a proper physical altercation host an India New Zealand test in 2014 Jesse Ryder known for his temperamental behavior and alcohol induced misdeeds was involved in a brawl with teammate Doug Bracewell at a pub in Auckland the two got injured from the fight with Bracewell suffering a broken foot and Ryder injuring his hand they were suspended from the next match of the test series number three Harbhajan Singh and Suresh had one of the most discussed of all the confrontations harbhajan and Sreesanth his on-field altercation grabbed a lot of media limelight even though the actual incident was never ever shown on the live telecast after his team’s victory against the Mumbai Indians the cameras caught stress and crying inconsolably with teammates around trying their best to calm him reports then started coming out that harbhajan had apparently slaps res and with the back of his hand the reason for which is still to be cleared after a disciplinary hearing harbhajan was suspended for the rest of the tournament and was even handed of five years later res and came up with a new twist to the saga by claiming that the incident was actually a planned one and that harbhajan had elbowed him the truth of which he further revealed was not released by the IPL number two harbhajan singh and embody Rayudu the latest incident took place during Mumbai Indians match against the rising puny supergiant’s in this year’s IPL batting for puny SAR up to where he pulled a delivery from harbhajan singh towards the midwicket fence Rayudu running in from deep midwicket made a dive and tried to scoop the ball towards a running Tim Southee the ball however made its way to the boundary dot harbhajan was visibly angry with Rayudu for his effort Rayudu however was in no mood to listen and even yelled back at his senior team mate both of them started speed walking at each other harbhajan then controlled himself and put his arms over Rayudu and tried to calm him Rayudu didn’t acknowledge the gesture and still seething from the anger pulled away but both the players calmed down and made peace by the end of the innings number one Manoj Tiwary and gautham gam her goddamn cam her is known for losing his temper but he seemed to have crossed the limit during a Rangie match against van Gaal not only did the Delhi skipper engage in an ugly argument with rival Bengal captain managed to weary he also pushed on Fielder umpire Krishna Raj sreenath the incident happened in the eighth over of Bengal second innings went to where he came into bed at number 42 weary who was wearing a cab asked for his helmet as soon as he realized pacer sumit Narwal will come on from the other end he stopped manan sharma while he was about to home and signaled his van gaal teammate in the dressing room to get his helmet manan thought it was a tactic to delay play and the two players engaged in verbal volleys gam her who was standing at first slip then lost his cool and approach to where he angrily hurling abusive words the van gaal skipper also reacted angrily and even showed his bat to gam her the two players nearly came to exchanging blows went unfilled umpire sreenath and scene and an intervene sreenath tried to cool gam her down but gam her pushed the umpire while trying to move towards too weary you

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  1. Most of them are Indians… and then Pakistans nd then other countries. Funny these two countries like to fight within themselves too, I wonder what they are trying to prove. God is only one, humans should behave like humans.

  2. Terrible terrible American accent pronouncing names so utterly badly. Disgrace. Listen how he says Gambhir and Riaz.

  3. Gambhir ko lgta h body massaage ki jrurat h wo hrr kissi se aisa hi behave krte h ab to wo politics m aa gya h thik ab unn logon ka kya hoga jinhone usse vote kiya

  4. kohali jo sb k sath krta h wicket milne pr khud k sath hua to jal gyi uski..??bhnchd bhnchd pure match m.

  5. harbhajan ne seniority ka ghmnd dikhaya.. itni himmt ti to kisi junior videshi k maar k dikhata thppd.?

  6. Goutam gambit sala faltu cricketer hain. Gaan hain sus hain. Ek bar afridi se b jagra kiya tha, acha hain jo os k sath ki amar nhi padi nhi to kab thin thin gopal ho gaya hota

  7. These players should be fined with hefty amount for conduct. They will automatically stop it.


  9. Gambhir is such an arsehole. He threatend tiwary to fix him after the match, tiwary challenge him to come now outside the field and gambhir shit in his pant. ?

  10. GG it seems is Just looking to pick a fight with anyone. Also he blames for his lack luster carrier except his attitude and on field behavior.

  11. why the F these indians use these stupid voice over software

    Do they hate their accents that much

  12. If we fight,one who brought the stumps and bat to the ground will take those things and go home.
    Then match is abandoned due to lack of bat and stumps.

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