10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs

10 Best FIFA World Cup Songs

There’s nothing that gets you in the FIFA World Cup spirit like the official songs of the FIFA World Cups So in this episode of FTD facts, I’m taking a look at the 10 best FIFA World Cup songs of all times How’s it going? Everybody? My name is Leroy Kenton if you don’t already know So this episode is gonna be an exciting one a lot of music and dancing going on So let me know down in the comments section. What’s your favorite FIFA World Cup song of all time? Counting down starting at number 10. We have Gianna nanny and adored oba nacho un estate italiana Now this is a world cup and thumb that had two versions released They had the Italian version as well as English version and this song was composed by Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock’s All right now so coming in at number nine we have we are one Ola Ola now The song was recorded by pitbull and it was one of the officials songs of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Now it features guest vocals From Jennifer Lopez as well as Claudia Elliot and also artists that co-wrote the song where SIA red one Danny Mercer Dr. Luke circuit and thomas troelsen now initially when the song was released It had some negative backlash from Brazilians because there like this song didn’t show as much Brazilian flavor as fans would have liked so they also released a music video and change it slightly to feature a more Afro-brazilian kind of vibe to it. And that was a version being used for the official music video for the song Alright so number eight is your Sudan adore liqueur they’re gone in 1998 and of course that was a year will he also won the World Cup but before the tournament the feeling within the nation was Very low because supporters lacked a lot of confidence in the team’s chances to actually win at the event So this song had a little bit of French flavor it lit up the spirits of France a little bit more and yeah It’s coming in at number eight in this episode At number 7 we have Shakira la la la featuring Colleen hos brown the song dheere la la la was recorded by Shakira from her self-titled album Shakira back in the year 2014 now she reworked the song and titled it la la la Brazil 2014 and this was released on may 27th of 2014 and it was the second official theme song of the 2014 world cup and this is also Shakira second time singing a theme song for the FIFA World Cup And I mean I ain’t complaining because I never get tired of seeing Shakira. I just say In at number six, we have the 1994 track by Darrell Hall glory Lam now
Of course when the US is involved with something Expected to be like epic and the song glory land by Darrell Hall who was accompanied by sounds of blackness Composed and sang the song as a non official anthem of the 1994 FIFA World Cup Now the song was a big hit not just in the US but also in the UK Now at the halfway spot in this episode we saw some amazing song before but you guys haven’t heard nothing yet But number five we have anthem by Vangelis now for any World Cup fans This song should still be fresh in your ears now This song really came on the scene and glorified the success of Brazil and the song is just amazing. So yeah, take a look now Moving on to number 4 we have el Divo and toni braxton the time of our lives. This was released in 2006 now this is probably one of the most Emotional as well as soulful songs that were dedicated as theme songs to the FIFA World Cup now this song was an epic masterpiece for the 2006 World Cup, which is held in Germany Now let’s take it back again to 1998 with Ricky Martin’s hit song copa de la vida copa de la Vida standing for the cup Of life was a song that revolutionized the concept of world cup anthems now this song was actually responsible for the Crossover to the mainstream world and actually laying the foundation for the next World Cup songs to follow after Ricky Martin was given the honours to perform this song. He became a worldwide sensation after that song came out Now at number two This song was like really really really close to me because it was done by another fellow Canadian K’naan and that of course is waving flag waving flag was made for the 2010 FIFA World Cup and Everybody was talking about k’naan during the 2010 World Cup. This guy had a lot of fans before but when the tournament began holy crap, he Skyrocketed to fame Keenan originally wrote the song to epitomize the freedom Aspirations of the people of Somalia but it fits so well of the World Cup theme that they included it as the official anthem Now number one this spot had to go to one of the queens of pop and dance Shakira she released a song waka waka also for the 2010 FIFA World Cup the Colombian pop? Sensation and singer and songwriter Shakira who is also my future wife, but I think she’s married so I don’t think that’s gonna happen Anyways, she actually joined together with the South African ban Freshlyground to create the 2010 official anthem. Waka waka this time for africa and this song was featured as the leading track in the compilation 2010 fifa world cup album Alright guys, so those were near 10 best FIFA World Cup songs, let me know What song do you think should have been on this list or if it was on this list? Do you agree with the number 1 or which song on this list? Do you think should have been number 1 I know I didn’t include the 2018 song, but it’s pretty awesome. Nonetheless They do these guys. I hope you enjoyed this video and be sure to check out Our other videos all dedicated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup we go in-depth in the history You learn about the different players and just general information about FIFA and the World Cup on a whole so until next time you guys have been awesome and I’ll see you soon Hey guys. So here’s that playlist of FIFA videos that I was talking about You definitely want to check it out. If you’re just a fan of the FIFA World Cup We also have videos where we talk about different countries and cultures all around the world So be sure to come back here to FTD facts every single day and I’ll see you back here tomorrow Or whenever on FTD facts for more videos

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  1. Yeah when you show the world change from black classical music like charlie parker johnny coltrane And. MILES DAVIS???? WE LIKE THEM ALL AND ALL YOU GOT. KEEP ON!!!

  2. Cup of Life is hands down the number one World Cup song. Shakira's Waka Waka was picked as number one because of preferential bias towards her. It's a good song, but not better than Cup of Life.

  3. 2010 world cup theme song is the best so far i thnk…
    waving flag and wakawaka….

    I even don't know 2018 world cup theme song tbh…:D

  4. I definetley get goose bumps with waving flag, wich is my sencond best of all time, but number one for me is un estate italiano, all the rest are not even close

  5. hoped you didnt talk all thru out/ talk over while the songs were playing. some of us dont know these songs. would helped to at least hear snippets of the song to appreciate why they were the bests. sigh.

  6. Wavin flag is the best FIFA world cup song …..
    It gave a true n pure feeling fr football………. Jst love this song ….

    It like if u agree …..

  7. Wavin flag is the best FIFA world cup song …..
    It gave a true n pure feeling fr football………. Jst love this song ….

    It like if u agree …..

  8. U see South Africa will always be number 1 in dramatic things that causes us to be famous, dont forget we are implementing section 25 land expropriation without compensation from white people, so u will still see more and more of South Africa in main stream media Amen!!!

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