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  1. Hey Jeff, you should design a couple workouts for becoming athletic strong/muscle, to show what we can expecd from AthLeanX, because I started bulking with doing heavy lifts, but my performance in ice hockey has dramatically decreased.. what do you think?

  2. did anyone else notice that when he was doing the one arm row he was pulling the whole fucking stack of weights without breaking a sweat??

  3. @Tagerh Im not Jeff, but at my school we have started training more footwork and flexability other than our bulking though we still get plenty of weights in. So work speed, endurance, and strength to be over all positive. Helps us

  4. I really don't know, but I think the first exercise was for the back, but the 2nd was for the abs. So why the comparison between the two??

  5. @ibanez250 Which IMO proves his point. He moved the whole stack with relative ease (which most dream of moving anything 200lbs in anyway period) , and this move almost kicked his ass… Which shows you any dude can move a weight, but functional strength is where its at. I WILL TRY THIS MOVE!!! Good job Jeff.

  6. @MrC00LEY well I think that is the whole philosophy of athleanx. you create situation of imbalance and use your body to resist that and maintain balance. And giving totally unexpected challenge to you muscles in the process. Plus dont forget this is not a circuit or routine drill. You do this kinda challenges to TEST yourself occasionally.. isnt it fun?

  7. lol if you want to get athletically strong, deadlifts, bench press, squat. trust me you dont need to balance on one leg and change all the shit with the "dimensions of movement" Free weights and not machines.

  8. NFL Football players do not do this stupid ass exercise to train for a game, I can guarantee you. Nor will this exercise help gain any muscle. Please use common sense people.

  9. Very motivating indeed!I feel like trying it right now!!!! But…. wait on second thought I better not because There is no one home thus if something does happen they'll find my cadaver on Monday!!!

  10. @mistyflip78 this is to test if you are athletically fit. its not an exercise. its to see if you are training like an athlete or just training the wrong way

  11. @mistyflip78 the issue is not just building muscle but building strength…it may be different for football players but this exercises can be a good help in other athletic sports lyk mma, others etc…

  12. With AthleanX is there an expiry date or do you always have the program materials? And does it cater to Athletes where if i'm in a tournament and don't get a chance for a workout I can pick up the program at anytime? or would I miss a workout entirely?

  13. @L:Brief workouts to improve strength, muscle & metabolic condition: Weights you're unable to continue w/in good form after between 1min & 90secs. # of reps this will = is a matter of rep speed: Speed is up to you: As long as reps are: 1/ Similar speed workout to workout, 2/Under control, (not "thrown"), & 3/ Maintain tension & movement without rest for the entire set, (+a 10sec static hold at the end when you can't move). Lower weight if you can't do 1 min, raise it if you go past 90 secs.

  14. @e:Asymmetry: 1/genetic 2/injury 3/workload . injury: Dorian Yates' biceps & Ronnie Coleman's lats. Workload: Forearm of tennis pros. Genetics: Most people. '3' can be helped w/balanced exercise. '2' is almost never quite right w/surgery. '1' -might- be helped w/UN-balanced exercise, but if your strength's balanced already, it's not recommended. Asymmetrical areas can be improved, but not enough to be a champion: Muscle shape can't be changed, & muscle can't be built where there's none.

  15. hahaha I love the pic of greg valentino.. fyi he's the guy with the biggest arms that injected synthol and had his arms basically explode.. what a tool

  16. @JDCav24 you should try the dragan challenge! its 100 reps of 16kg dumbell curl and press! its a very tough endurance challenge and its a challenge to see if: A – can you do 100 reps? and B – how fast can you do them?

  17. NAAAAAAAAH! If you can not do this movement shown it doesnt mean you arent strong or " atlethic strong" as he says it just means that you have to work on the stability muscles on your leg to hold that position i dont think it proofs how strong are you

  18. Will this athlete x system work for skinny guys as well ? Or is it more for bigger dudes who need to loose fat lol coz I'm really skinny and really sick of it

  19. man you kick ass!!!! this stuff you be coming up with kicks my ass and i thought i was in good shape athlean 4 life baby!

  20. just did this for the first time. put 20lbs on so i didn't risk looking really stupid. its a great exercise that really makes ur body work as a whole, great tips!

  21. @mistyflip78 Why should we "trust you?" Are you a certified physical therapist or a strength trainer who works with professional athletes? I think not.

  22. The machine is a Tuff Stuff PS 245 functional trainer, there are two models. One is a 2:1 ratio the other 4:1 ratio. So the 200lb stack is at most 100lbs of resistance(2:1) or 50lbs resistance(4:1). The 4:1 is used for rehab, so I would say he is using the 2:1, so don't think he is doing a one arm row with 200lb, it is most likely 100lbs.

  23. I've been having issues with valgus stress of my knee. It feels like I have I have pinching in my abductor brevis as well. I found this one legged version of the Palloff Press does a great job of really straightening issues out with my knee, groin and hip, in addition to working my core. It really shows how everything in your body is connected. My knee that was turning inward was yanked back into proper position in a good way. Thank you Jeff.

  24. Atlean x please discuss the correlation between sex and masturbation to training. Does it have negative effects?

  25. This exercise sucks …. which means I need to do it.
    This is really good if one has had a busy day and limited time.

  26. glad this early one popped up! seeing this from the beginning solidifies Jeffs motto about training like an athlete to look(and function) like an athlete and gives new meaning to diversity/cross training/functionality to me.

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