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what’s the best way for me to cut the cord but not spend any money well in
this video today let me show you five services which are 100% free and 100%
legal on top of that musty services also have clients for your Android devices
your fire sticks even your iPhones and iPads can take advantage of this great
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to me thank you first up we have the service Vudu and as
we can see on the screen this is for free movies and TV now what this service
provides is a growing section of free and paid content now let me just say
right off the bat the only slight negative thing with this services is you
do have to register a free account now this can just be an email address and
password it does not require you to register any kind of payment information
or credit card or anything like that just type in an email address and
password you can then login I’m being a voyeur browser but there is applications
both for Android and for iOS so we can see there go sections for movies TV your
comedy section action family and kids and more but what we’re interested in is
the free content so if we click on the free at the top here now we can see we
have free movies free TV a free new section and free family and kids so
let’s start with TV and here we get the free TV section which of course is
supported by adverts so let’s say for example you want to watch something so
let’s try Hell’s Kitchen is click on that we can then see how many episodes
are in that season if I want to watch something I can click on this this
should now start displaying some adverts so this is supported by adverts and
there we see a guy so we do see a couple of adverts and they were going to see at
the bottom it says advert one of one so depending what you’re trying to watch
you may see one or two or even three adverts but as soon as the addresses are
finished you can then start enjoying your content which is 100% free and 100%
legal and as we can see just a second that starts working absolutely fine let’s ask for that bit and that’s
working great so that was the free TV section let’s try the free movies go to
free again go to movies and here we can see we get over 4000 movies that we can
start watching straight away well I mean soon as adverts are finished and start
enjoying them on all of our devices including Android and iOS and any device
that has a working browser okay so that’s the first free service which is
Vudu next up we have popcorn flicks so straight away let me just say this does
not require any kind of login or registration you can access this service
from a normal browser alternatively that you have applications both for iOS and
Android devices now pop conflicts is easy to use application for streaming
full-length films without any kind of subscription or fees the application
currently has about 800 titles they do frequently add in new movies and they do
cover lots of different genres things like action romance comedy horror sci-fi
lots of different things in here guys and as previously mentioned they do have
dedicated applications but for your Android devices and also iOS I tested
this through a browser and found all of the streams working without any problems
whatsoever so that’s the second service which is popcorn flicks next up we have
to be TV now really this doesn’t need any introduction from me this has to be
one of the most reliable consistent free streaming services out there now we saw
with Vudu where you had like a paid section and then a small free section
everything on TV is 100% free so you’re not just gonna find a small section of
free content anything you see on this program is going to be fully free and
you could start enjoying it straight away of course there is going to be
adverse which is how these services actually fund themselves but other than
that everything works really good now that all of the standard genres like you
know action horror that kind of stuff but those are very interesting
categories like like not on netflix or only free on TV TV or coke classics or
indie films or martial arts so you can really find some gems in here if you
look around now if you’re not sure to watch on TV TV you can also go to the
most popular page just to see what everybody else watching and here you’ll
definitely find something you can watch and start enjoying straight away the
other great thing is to be TV does not require any kind of login or
registration you can literally just jump in and start
enjoying your content straight away of course if you want to you can create an
account just to keep you know watchlist of what you’ve been watching what you
want to watch but again that’s totally up to you they also have a new release
and a recently added page just so you can see the new stuff that’s been added
on there and they also have a leaving soon page and this is the stuff that’s
going to be removed from the service so if you want to watch it and get in there
quickly and of course have applications for Android and iOS so that’s the third
service which is to be TV next up we have crackle now you have three ways of
accessing this free service number one you can use a browser so any browser on
any device whether that’s your computer or your cell phone or your tablet you
can use a browser and you can access this service the other two options are
we have an Android application and we also have an iOS application so you
really can access this service from pretty much any device now the key thing
with crackle is it’s owned by Sony now because of that they can offer lots of
premium and Hollywood movies and TV series compared to some of the other
free services are out there so in terms of pure content Sony Krakow is
definitely one of the best free services that’s available today the other great
thing about this application once again is it does not require any kind of login
or registration however if you do choose to sign up it’ll then allow you to track
your watched movies you can also continue watching where you left off so
some of those features are only available if you choose to log in now
Krakow runs the videos with a very high quality and very good sound of course
you do need to have a good internet connection to make sure you don’t get
any kind of interruptions now I think this is probably a good time to mention
that quite a few of these services or region restricted which means if you
know in one of those approved regions then you’re not going to be able to
access these free services not the way I’m doing is by using a VPN and as we
know with VPNs normally do they mask your IP address giving you better online
protection they also allow you to access geo restricted content so the stuff
that’s normally locked out for you you can use a VPN and access our content and
if you’re thinking about getting a VPN then do have a look in the video
description for the VPN I’m currently using now the other great thing about
Sonny Crocket is once you do start watching a couple of shows it then knows
what kind of content you like and based on your content it then starts giving
recommendations so it does give you more of a
looks like experience where it can actually recommend some things for you
to watch so and that works for both movies and TV shows okay so that’s the
fourth free service which is Sony crackle now before I show you the last
service let me just quickly say that the end of this video I will be showing you
where you can download all of these apks and install them onto a fire stick or
really any Android device okay so the last free service we have is Pluto TV
now this includes over 100 live channels that play content 24 hours a day now
right from the top one of the key things about Pluto TV is you get an EPG which
is an electronic program guide which is basically going to show you exactly what
you’re about to watch on any particular Channel on top of that they have
thousands and thousands of movies and TV shows as a video-on-demand feature that
you can watch at any time now Pluto is available via a browser and they also
have applications for your iOS and your Android devices and as previously
mentioned I will be showing you how you can download the apk at the end of this
video so you can put this directly on to your fire stick or really any Android
device so have all of the free services I would say that Pluto TV feels more
like a regular TV or regular TV package because there are so many live channels
it has the EPG and then it has a dedicated sections for movies and TV
shows which are connected on top of that all of the live channels you can watch
without any kind of signup any conversation as soon as you start the
application or go to the website you can start enjoying all of this free content
now most of the content on Pluto TV comes from public sources Pluto TV is
owned by Viacom which is the largest cable company and as a result that
service has been linked to deals with different content providers like BBC
like MBC IGN Sina and many others I think it’s fair to say that the content
on Pluto TV is a mixture of old and new the news channels have the big names
that you’d normally expect the movie channels have a mix of oldies some
classics and some even newer hits when I check the channel God I found movies
like real genius Terminator even the burbs on there so you definitely will
find some good stuff to watch when using Pluto TV ok so to try any of these apks
on your fire stick or any of your Android devices so that’s per normal the
first thing you need to do is go to your settings go into your my
by TV going to developer options and just make sure both these are set to on
once you’ve done that press the HOME key and let’s now open up downloader and
let’s type in HTTP colon forward slash forward slash bit door ly /td UK that’s
me and the numbers two zero one nine now when you get to the website and once
again this website is a work in progress I’m trying my best to develop here to
add some stuff and just give you guys the best possible one-stop shop where
you can get all of the good stuff so let’s go down into the hamburger menu
which is one of the three lines let’s click on that and scroll down to
downloads now when you get to the downloads page you’ll see have a brand
new section at the very top called free streaming applications and these
are all 100% legal streaming applications and we’ve got Sony crackle
we go Pluto TV popcorn flakes voodoo and 2b TV so depending on which
one you want to try or in fact try all of them because they are totally free
you can just click one of these then click on the green download button this
will then download the APK directly onto your device you can then install it
check it out let me know what you think well that’s all for this video guys many
thanks for watching lots of you are asking for more free legal streaming
options so do let me know if you like it if you did find this video useful then
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up with you guys real soon thanks

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