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  1. Hey Doc I think a couple of FireTv's would be cool, and like you said more people could win. Great Info about Real Debrid as well…Thanks

  2. Had real debrid for a long time it really does give you a lot more quality links, thanks for the great content TDUK 🙌🏻

  3. Thanks, TD! Now I know what it actually does. Surprised that they keep your info stored for 1 year although I shouldn’t be. Biggest of thanks for informing us.

  4. Good video techdoctor. Clear and good breakdown on real debrid. I've been using real debrid for over a year and it's a must for me. The quality of links you get is well worth the few pounds it's cost to use. If you have a good TV and surround system you want the best links to get the best from your set up. Highly recommended you try it.

  5. Someone I know uses something called a seedbox to automatically download content to a secure cloud storage. He is informed when a new episode is downloaded and given a full synopsis of new movies/TV shows in the pipeline. He says it's quite expensive but still much cheaper than Sky or cable TV. Sounds like RD does offer a similar secure torrenting service.

  6. Great video. Very informative. Been using Real-Debrid for over a year … Just luv it !!! Never have any problems …. Occasionally, once in a blue moon, a link will buffer but then I just find a better link. Well worth the bucks. More vids like these please.

  7. With the original terrarium tv all my rd links worked. With this patched terrarium tv apk I logged into my rd account and never get any green links anymore. Any ideas? I am using IPVanishVPN btw

  8. I'm trying to watch 4k movies on Kodi w/durex build. when I click on a movie in 4k it won't open up so I paid for a subscription with real debrid but now I'm lost to what to do next to start watching 4k? please help

  9. Are there any apks for sport steaming that use these Servers? Still worth subscribing regardless but want to know if I'm missing out on anything

  10. The service is great but the problem is people like you all put them on blast to much. Then the Internet police in whatever country their in go after them. Do you need it no but it's dammmm good with it just my op

  11. Great video TechDoctorUK, I do already have RD, but learned more from watching this. Keep up the good work 🙂

  12. Hey TDUK, can you post an updated video for the Ad-free YouTube mod? I've been using the old one but it keeps telling me to update. Thanks!

  13. You absolutely need Real Debrid for the Kodi addons. All the people on You Tube who show the Kodi addons working great are using it, but somehow hiding it.

  14. Very informative!! I had no idea RD worked so well. I'll have to give it a go.
    I do like the smaller items, like Firesticks for giveaways. Keeping more ppl happy💋🐾

  15. Really great video. Could not use KODI without it. Very clear on what my ISP can and can't see – my secure button is ticked – thanks

  16. Well I have had real debrid for a few years now and it used to be way good but lately a lot of the servers don’t work like the picture is great but no volume on a lot of them

  17. this is by and far the very best explanation of what Real Debrid is and how it works that Ive found on youTube so far. Thanks for the breakdown!

  18. Hey TECHDr. ….I have a problem….

    I have a Nvidia sheild and I was able to link up real debrid no problem on all my apks that I use…however I also have an X99 android box and linked up the code for real debrid on tvzion but for some reason cyberflix and cinema hd wont take the codes and authorize that i have linked it at all wheel just keeps spinning…? any thoughts?

  19. I, too! Have AT&T internet like z3ro7o and I don't want to spend money for something that's not going to work? anyone else has this problem with RD?

  20. RD is a scam. Why? This started off as p2p and open for the community. I have ripped plenty of content and shared it for free.

    These people trying to cash on other users rips many of these rips aren't their own work.

    Why invest in this just for one day for it to get take down by officials?

  21. I tried the cheapest option to try it. After 1 day of seeing the results I’ve ordered 6 month. 4K HDR 5.1 for a really cheap price

  22. RD is the best investment next to your streaming box… and I use a Nvidia Shield and RD and get 1080P and excellent audio.. Great job with this video.

  23. Kodi started as a means to watch free content, openload pair was all you needed 4 is 720 and 1080p, real debrid is now pushing their way in to get paid, In dependencies find URL resolver unclick all real debrid and openload, of course you need to confalong with twitching a few items such as YouTube and Google should be cut down to 24, and you will still receive 720p and 1080p you don't need them and you can remove them until they decide not 2 let you configure

  24. After disabling real-debrid in your URL resolver change your Twitch to 24 Google to 24 YouTube to 24 untick openload don't need third-party either the movie may take a minute or two but will come on don't forget to force close after making changes good luck everyone

  25. Very good video as always I didn't think VPns worked with realdebrid though maybe I was wrong I loved it but for no reason they deleted my account shame in them they are good though.

  26. If you have to subscribe to anything for streaming content , just use real-debrid by far the cheapest hoster around and has seamless integration into kodi apps and some android movie apps

  27. Hi Tech Doc, is there any reason why my real debrid has stopped pulling through links from rapidgator and nitroflare? Could this be down to me not using a VPN

  28. Hi can you do Vid of tablets that are good for Kodi apk's etc and how to install, and i suppose a phone list could be interesting. looking forward to it hope its posible.

  29. I just got a NVIDIA shield and I subscribed to real-Debrid but I am still having a terrible time with cinema and teatv apks stopping and not playing. Any suggestions?

  30. Great Video! Really breaks down and explains the pro's/con's of Real Debrid and explains how it works. Thank you for your time!

  31. Its like 3.33 a month for 3 months to get better quality links n more of them i got it and i think its good and i never have any buffering issues

  32. Thanks for this clear explanation. But why would the file hosting services allow Real Debrid to do this, since it cuts into the hosting services' own premium-subscription revenue?

  33. Hey teck doctor jus a quick question some shows show no links at all. Does Rd access these shows or do they only pull links to free shows. Like for example the challenge. Some links work on some show no links available an then some times it shows available links but none are correct? Wasn't sure if rd would resolve this problem for us. Thanks for all your help

  34. Brilliant video TDUK very informative as usual. When creating a RD account would you recommend using a VPN so it hides your real ip address when signing up ? I believe RD log your ip and isp when signing up ? By hiding your real ip would it create problems when signing into the account on the RD website ? Any advice greatly appreciated.

  35. I didn't know you could access sites like rapid gator at full speed,that's interesting and probably the only plus for me.When it comes to streaming, 720 is more than enough on my phone.

  36. Been using Real Debrid for a week on several IPTV services like Cinema, Kodi and Streams for you, but I still get quite a bit buffering especially well into the movies. Usually a lot of buffering but many are unbearable and I have to quit watching the movie 70-80% in. Depressing. WIll keep trying but not sure RD is helping at all. I have 400 mbps internet speed which is the fastest I can get in my area and my "latest and greatest" Android TV box is plugged directly into router. I am running NORD VPN with fastest server turned on. I have never noticed any buffering on Amazon prime and netflix .

  37. Good info. Wasn't sure if you could just download directly premium links from websites as all the info I could find was it working with Kodi and apks. Good to know you can. Thanks for clearing that up.

  38. Great video. I would like to know if RD is compatible with Nord VPN. When I try to install RD on Cinema HD or Cyberlink it says that RD is authorized but it doesn't work. On other APKs RD works. Any ideas? Thanks a lot for your hard work.

  39. ✅ May 2019 update – https://youtu.be/NXdzcr13fR8
    ✅ REAL DEBRID link ► http://real-debrid.com/?id=2372415

  40. Would you advise to use a VPN only to download torrents or use a VPN for everything, even though you are just using the streaming links.

  41. What is the diffrence with real debrid and premurize? Does the aok you showed only use real debrid? Thanks for the info have RD and didnt know what this download stuff on there site thanks

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