🎮Footballers React to FIFA 20 Ratings!🎮 (Feat Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Salah and more! PARODY demo)

🎮Footballers React to FIFA 20 Ratings!🎮 (Feat Messi, Neymar, Ronaldo, Salah and more! PARODY demo)

the best football game available! Cut! 93?! The same as your age… Little s**t! And FIFA20 is a lot s**t! Piemonte Calcio indeed! It sounds like a medical condition. Buy PES! Even if the cover is a disgrace… You mean buy FIFA! Have you seen the state of the PES graphics? It’s like they’ve given everyone at Bayern an extra chromosome… 92 I’m thrilled! Just like I’m thrilled to still be at PSG. The best football club in the world. Now do the song! But… He shot me in the balls! I will in a minute if you don’t do the songs! Allez Paris Saint-Germain… I am 4th best player in the game! Yes! Bollocks, you’re not even the fourth best player in Madrid… Best goalie on the game! Don’t @ me! Mainly because I still don’t have a Twitter account 91. Nice! And that rating was based off “real-world performances from you in the past year”. Imagine how high it would have been if you’d actually played! Best defender in the game!
And to think I used to play for Celtic… LOL 90! Superb… Pass the ball you greedy son of a b**ch! 90? Anyone would think I’m sleeping with the guy who makes these stats! I’m not by the way.. 90… great. 5 star skill moves! With moves like that, you’ll be at Real Madrid in no time! Over your dead body! Pace 80? EA are taking the pace, alright! Downgraded? This is the biggest insult since I asked to leave Bayern Munich and no-one wanted to buy me! I couldn’t give two hoots about ratings, changes to Ultimate Team or fixing Career mode, I just want to know when EA will reintroduce the dive button! Here, here! 89! And celebrations 99! And loyalty 0! Physicality 57? Even Neymar is 58! Racists! What? Ha! That would never happen to me… 86! And 86! Phil, you’re a little magician. Is there anyway you can make Bayern’s contract with PES disappear? My eyes! Forget about yours, look at the state of mine! 85 and climbing! Defending 83? They mustn’t have I’ve seen you’re defending against Napoli… Niklas, a little lower please… No, I meant you…. Rashford and Martial didn’t even make the Top 100… #feels And in 100th place, the highest position, is Zlatan… 100 isn’t the highest position No, 100 is the lowe- Cut!

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  1. Lewandowski scored 14 goals for Bayern in last 2 months. I don't mention the penalty he gave Coutinho as a present. Guys.. this is how a guy with 89 rating plays like. And Ronaldo with freacking 4 goals 93 rating ROFL

  2. Lewandowski has the same rating as Kane? Seriously? really… after that 7-2 annihilation? Yeah… right. Kane just scores f***ing pens.

  3. Bale deserves an 88 at least because at the moment he is the best player at real Madrid
    But what can we say EA is sh*t

  4. Who created this video is unpolite person cuz muslims no says this bad words ( sadio to salah )

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