100 Replies to “? New Nintendo Switch Cases + Pro Controller + Zelda Gameplay!”

  1. if you want to go down slopes faster you can pull out your shield jump then press a in the air and you can sheild surf it does less damage to your shield in sand and snow and does more in rocky areas

  2. another way to kill guardians when they are moving is by parying the laser beam which means you are pulling out your sheild you might want to practice with octorocs first by pulling out your shield and pressing a at the right time

  3. I know this is an old video how do you record videos from the Switch ? I’m not saying to hold the button on the joycons

  4. Better way to defeat a guardian (1 get the hylian shield in hyrule castle ) (2 practise reflecting thing) (3 good luck)

  5. 21:45 I dream Justine saying this to me in bed as she jumps on top of me and pins me down lmfao jk ?

  6. “Ma- YES HERE IT IS!!!!! HERE IT IS!!!!!” Justine’s emotions went from sad to happy in 0.2 seconds!!!! ?➡️?

  7. FAKE CONTENT!13:30 "I have avoided these the whole time" has hundreds mechanical screws etc in her loot bag… FAKE CONTENT!

  8. I can even get past Zelda and I'm still on the bed where you can play the monster like not the end of the game but the shooting monster

  9. Pro tip stop using the Master sword for normal enemies. Save it for Ganon and the guardians so the sword doesn't run out of energy at the wrong time

  10. As of earlier today, I got a little further on Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild – but yet again soon after, I got stuck not knowing where the heck to go…..

  11. If you haven't figured this out already.. the mechanical arrows (or whatever they're called) are really useful for defeating the guardians!

  12. to run without runing out of stamina: Hold the whisel buton on your swich, run and sprint buton at the same time!!!!

  13. Finally I’ve got the switch and I’ll get Zelda later on today! Wish me good luck!! ??Haha Love you Jus!! ❤️?

  14. i got a hardshell case on amazon for 8$ an it has a felt lining and holds 20 games has a velcro lock down, and zipper compartment

  15. I don’t know if you’ve figured this out already, but you can use that first chest you found in that shrine to launch yourself to that other one. You use your magnesis to counter balance that last platform before the end of the shrine, then you stand on the side closest to the monk, then you use your magnesis to raise the chest as high as you can, then let it drop on the other side of the platform, it’ll launch you into the air and then you can glide to the platform where the other chest is. ?

  16. Justine: unboxes pro controller
    Also Justine: the pro controller has a much better feel than the controller grip.
    Justine again: uses controller grip

  17. Lmao I watched this video multiple time (I may have a problem lmao) and I just couldn't help wanting to play this so I ended up buying the switch and the game and I am obsessed! XD

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