Sheesh what’s up? Today we have another
episode of Pack Openings – the weekend league rewards. But today it’s
very special. We have a Germany kit, I did things in style
the current one… …or almost. Today we have two national
players with us, we have Timo Werner and Kevin Trapp joining us! But first,
we’ll enter the hotel, have fun watching this video!
Behind the camera is Seko, check him out, he did another video linked in the description. You know what’s up, thanks to Adidas.
Thank you! Ok we have to be quiet now! Just kidding Alright, here we are, I have two
very special guests by my side On this side Kevin “Hello” and on this side Timo and we are about to open my Weekend League Rewards I safed them specifically for today
for you Kevin: “I’m excited!” I hope it was worth it Yeah, if you disappoint me we’re not gonna record again! No I’m really excited.
It’s always a special moment I don’t know whether you know it
you said you know it from Ultimate Team where you just wish: Hopefully it
was all worth it, the whole time that went into it. These are the two player picks For you this is new right? For me this is new yes. But I’m glad to see it so I can learn something Yes, I can show you. First what you can pull You’ll probably know it The Team Of The Week, the current one. This is what we have here. This is the team that we can pull from in the player picks. And we see on the upper right… …Timo the one and only Timo, exactly. If you manage to pull this card for me… …we’ll do it again! I’m quite curious They are always red, right? Correct …because they are tradable or something like that Exactly! Exactly, these can all be pulled in red I hope that you have luckier thumbs than me. But you have a choice, right? You have a choice of players, yes. At this point I can show you my team and here I think you can tell us something about it you told me you know about FUT I didn’t fully get the new system because now you have Aubameyang in midfield and Matuidi as a striker so somehow with a button combination you can swap ingame at the beginning so that they change the playing system and that he plays upfront then Exactly, at the beginning you can set dynamic tactics it’s when I press triangle/Y and then I choose “custom tactics” there it is possible – you see very defensive, defensive, attacking and very attacking these are the presets for the settings you can see down there so that ingame when I press the left D-Pad button then it switches to defensive and the game automatically switches to this formation I can also adjust the individual positions. That is in this case Matuidi on the Left Back position and Roberto Carlos in the midfield because of his phenomenal stats. Question to you: There are 5 icons To You Kevin Did you play with or against one of them in the past? I faced Ballack, yes. Against Ballack I played against Ballack back when he was playing for Leverkusen I was still playing for 1. FC Kaiserslautern He even scored against me and it was a mistake on my end that’s why I remember it quite vividly. Well, Ballack had an outstanding shot. True but that was with his left foot, the shot wasn’t really that good I have to admit. That just wasn’t good Well, it happens Yeah, happens… Being a goalkeeper is a thankless task right? When you make one mistake… …yeah, when you safe it they say it’s your job and when you don’t it was poor. And with you, when you miss the empty net you simply score afterwards and no one keeps talking about it. When we win regardless no one cares. You can miss ten chances when you score the decisive one your the hero As a goalkeeper it’s possible that you make incredible safes but when you make a decisive mistake everyone only talks about that. Also, after that you’re in every season review. That in any event, yes. But that’s our fate as goalkeepers. Yeah, I have to say I have respect for the goalkeeper position The icons are much more expensive, right? Yes, they are much more expensive! But do you guys find them much better than for example… take the left midfielder Nedved than a card the likes of Hazard? Well, they have specific traits so for example Nedved has a 5 star weakfoot. That is of course outstanding Hazard, likewise, is an extremely good player. The big advantage is, in this particular case it doesn’t really matter but the big advantage is that the icons link with all players. Here, I actually could fit in Hazard because I have Bergkamp and Roberto Carlos around the LM position. That wouldn’t be an issue. Is actually an investment decision, I bought him for 980k Coins and I want to sell him with profit. And there’s a 5% tax deducted when you sell a player and that means I have to sell him for about 1 million plus a littlebit of margin so that it pays off. And so far I wasn’t successful selling him. But yes, the icons are really strong and I’d say let’s move on to the pack. You did open packs before this video already, who of you pulled the better player? In Seko’s video, which is linked in the description. No idea. … Alright, then I’m assigning you. It doesn’t really matter anyway You have the magic hands as a goalkeeper. Yes, I should. You should. Now I’m actually curious. I’m also curious now, Kevin Alright, now there are the four picks. Well… Do you know any of them? Did you ever play with or against one? No, no one. Alright, then I’d say let’s pick the left back, Chillwell. Yes? Yes! Sure? Sure! I wanna lock it in. Go for the million. Yes? Yes! Good! Well, so much about that. Let’s see if Timo has luckier hands. Yeah, I’m curious which one of you has better pack luck. 81 is hard to undercut, but i’ts possible. Romagnoli… …is the best one. At least, right? At least… Better than Kevin. So him? Yes, him. We’ll take him. We can trade him in then. So far, that wasn’t so fancy. Yeah that was… Thank you for that! No, but we still have some packs That’s what I wanted to say, we still have some opportunities. True, we still have some opportunities, we have some 100k Packs. These are 20€ packs. We’ll also open these. You begin here. Let Timo start this round. Ok. You’ve lost all sympathies anyways. It’s over. Maybe I can win them back. Maybe, I hope so. Now there will be something decent. 100% We don’t have a walkout You can tell from the floor of the animation. Oh we have an inform! Richarlison. That’s Richarlison. Good, right? He’s great, yes! You have to come up with something now. Above all “Team of the Week” That’ll be tough! Wait, there can be more! There can be more, true! No joke, I think I never had two informs in a single pack before. And also van Dijk. AND VAN… Ok. Mate, that’s really good! Timo, you’re a football god! Or a FIFA god. You’re welcome. I know what van Dijk’s value is. Yes, and especially you’re in the “Team of the Week”. I think you’ve talked to EA probably? I’d strongly assume. EA? I see, this is all about connections Well, you have an additional opportunity. There you go, have fun. Kevin: “Jumbo rare players Pack”
Timo: “Good luck!” This one costs 20€. I earned it by playing but when you purchase it it costs 20€. I’m curious! Do we have a walkout this time? Or maybe another inform? Timo: “How can you tell?” At the floor, if it lightens up. It didn’t. France, striker… This is Lacazette. About him many said he looks like me or I look like him. Kevin: “Similar, yes.”
Timo: “I pulled him in the past.” I pulled him in the past. Is this a good pull? No, he is not… Credits for the profit or not? If you get a credit you can maybe get a Kebap with onions. Or without, the onions might be a bit over the top. It’s not bad but.. Yeah, it’s ok. You know what I also hear quite frequently? Oh N’Zonzi is also in the pack he’s also someone I was told to lookalike. It’s always if you are dark skinned, and have a beard, and no hair then there are 100 people that look similar. Henry is a classic example here. I would’ve said Henry Do you have that, that people in your childhood or while growing up told you you look like someone, or you play like someone? Or did you have any specific role models? No. Not at all? Also not when it came to football? Where you said, I don’t know… Olli Kahn back then, sure. This time let Kevin begin. Ok. Do you think it helps? Maybe now you have the good pack luck. Mega Pack? Mega Pack. There could even be a Champions League card inside. Let’s see. Let’s see There’s a Champions League card inside, that’s… No there isn’t True, it’s always blue. Raul Garcia. Raul Garcia. Timo, you’re doing this in a clever way. That’s true. Now, if I pack something good again… The 81 is difficult to undercut I have the theory after you had a good pack you can only pack bad stuff. Having said that, it might be a good tactic to let you pull the bad stuff and you pull the good cards. If you want to banter with me. Timo! I’ll give my best Make me happy once more! I’ll give my best. Mega Pack! Mega Pack, the next one. No walkout. The EA logo would lighten up really quickly on the floor. Again a Brazilian. Ok… Timo: “Who is this?” Giuliano. I don’t know him. He plays for al-Nasr. Somewhere in Saudi Arabia. Have you ever… when you see this pack… we have Adriano, Lens, and Akinfeev do you know them? Did you ever face them? We’re about to play him. True. I faced Lens before, Besiktas, and Adriano as well. Adriano must’ve been your direct oponnent, right? Probably, yes he was. In the second leg, in the first one he didn’t play. Do you remember facing him on the pitch? He wasn’t bad, he was playing for Barcelona in the past, right? Yes, that’s possible… Seko? [Seko behind the camera]: Yes, he was. And Akinfeev, what do you say about him? As a goalkeeper colleague? He has the same FIFA rating as you, Kevin. That’s why, I think he’s good. He was doing a good job at the world cup (2018). Alright, cool! Timo, thanks alot! My pleasure! Kevin, almost as many thanks. Next time… Next time, yes. Again, thank you guys for being here! Check out Seko’s video as well. There’s another video with them, linked in the description. Thanks to Adidas as well as to the DFB (German Football Association). I’d say, yeah they can leave a like, right? Definitely. Maybe also a subscription. And comment! True, that’d make us all very happy, especially me. I’m probably the only one that’d be happy about it. But yeah… I’d say, see you next time!

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