คลิปเต็ม น้องมิลค์ คว้าที่1รุ่น WOMAN ในงานแข่ง FAI WORLD DRONE RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 in Shenzen

คลิปเต็ม น้องมิลค์ คว้าที่1รุ่น WOMAN ในงานแข่ง FAI WORLD DRONE RACING CHAMPIONSHIPS 2018 in Shenzen

I’m gonna be going into the final of the
women’s category we replace our co-presenters with as early one for
Jessica the United States of America win “Wanraya Wannapong” from Thailand all gaona
from Korea charting you from Taipei and gone learn more – stuttering that what the board from
fire of all the dancers going on oh we got
three and doing the dance-off but it’s peachy gonna smile you know she’ll smile ever ever at all I got
smarter earlier yeah like that child on the belt it we’re
gonna go down here very good evening ladies and gentlemen
the female final is here and with us we will take down
oh let’s how about what we’ve got here now so Thailand where our area was
called a winner poem we always say you call the nickname is milk sales you’ll
see that on a father video yeah although you would see of a beautiful
high-definition danger ji video it’s so that’s what we see is you see on the
back of the Jersey milk in BB that’s a pilot named most of us pilots do have a
language we use to apply against what do you go by
I go by King Peggy’s my nickname what would my SPV we may not be able to say that on camera
all right what breaks it down for me we’ll have a look a bit a little bit
later very good evening ladies and gentlemen joining us in the studio right
now is a judge and Australian and pilot all-around John guy Hey here with us
earlier in the commentary booth Paul Jessica forum what did she call herself
Jessica droll she has a her name I’ll come back to in
a minute when I find it but there she is on top left from the United States ready
for her battle potential medal here in the championships it is interesting that
we do have two juniors and two seniors here yes we do USA Jessica Farah senior
milk junior Bowl Gates Jr Charlton you senior and it’s not like the girls are
separate they’ve been gaining a lot of the guys out there as well so they’ve
got their band there a place to come to here it’s not from anything separate so
they’re doing a really good job well on the live feed everybody shall
take built built built choose a winner of the Testament here made twelve years
old yes is she one of the youngest is thinks of yes oh I guess I’m journeys so reading in
the sky as well you ain’t gonna see them but under the ice we had a really great
light show it was 300 birds in the sky flying along once color-coordinated
awesome yeah the opening ceremony was quite
spectacular so Jessica Farah will be on the blue Joel a drone in position one
when upon Ohio milk will be on the orange in addition to green alga yon in
3 and red Charlton Yong will be in the fourth slot there’s drugs being placed
down onto the podium right now that’s like they’re having a bit of video
issues at the moment so that’s what the helpers they’re doing for Mogae on checking you during as well making sure
and seeing what’s happening looks like they are checking the camera field I can actually see our
race director here some of the right so there’s obviously some of which
they’re checking you out making sure everything’s absolutely perfect there’s
a price getting it ready for everyone this is the worst time for the pilots
are getting nervous waiting here seeing what’s happening you can say some
particles and goggles on they cannot see yep that’s listening and waiting for it
okay thumbs on going up channel Teague from Chinese Taipei on the red drone on
the green mold gown of Korea on the origin what a ball one fire milk
position 2 and position 1 Jessica Farah USA of blue we’re talking for a little bit about the
book of concentration on the faces of these pilots 3 2 1 and we our goal with
the final the women’s final here and it’s a big early start I wanna crush
therefore the red role of Johnny taupe a run upon is in the lead
milk takes an early lead closely followed by Korea with more Gaytan but
looking at the angle now milk all the way it’s a final and the ladies FBI
Championships here also forgot to crush first time around us the tower and she’s
just down into the second lap now it’s the second lap for Thailand for milk
cruising through now she goes up off the ground the right had been through the
tunnel today second type of the race 41 point 9 9 8 America is now as excel but
it’s still in the hands of milk from Thailand green mole Gaytan of Korea is
doing what she can but it’s not gonna be enough at the moment second time 360
around the tower in the tower out of the tower carving round into the final lap
to the female finals it’s looking like China and they’ll get the wallet
right to the bottom of the truck and back up quit to the tower to the third
and final time through the portal of the tower there it is half way round only
half the lap to go to take the championship the 2018 that first ever
female will drove racing champion from the FBI is got her sights on the final
she’s coming up top lastly 60 around the tower count around 360 it with a clip of
it out of the pocket it down to the finish line at the toilet are they’ll
take the on the 2018 title a long way ahead of
Korea followed by Taipei and USA who crashed out early on race Wow
here they are very oh we got some disappointments in the USA he crashed
out there yeah absolutely distraught I so much it would be true the nerves
everything the adrenaline Wow make we know what it’s like with a s
words but everything’s on the edge we’ve had like three days building this out
building in a building and a building up and here it comes all down to one race
and just one crash into the into the TRO unable to bring it back up are you happy
about today’s performance thank you so much for joining us
yeah they go melt the female champion of the world in the FEI world road racing
championships 2018 she takes it and she nails it
Wow well by my calculations I think we’ve got one race left only one race
with them it would be the grand final of this event and let’s just find who we
have in this grand final we’re looking at the results there milton seaweed
followed by a career is your highlights girlfriend and then we take off off it light from
one of the great trying to I feel terrible Oh around the width to boss and fast on
that first race we going here scum crown jewels in the tower is great for that
topic now there’s no problem quickly in trouble weekly
then your liver that’s the final lap know this number
but events need to turn around you’re coming down through that service
start/finish game really briefly so you need this wipe up somewhat speechless
where some police guys do a circle around be able to actually take that
speed off that’s where milk is taking between as I said very clean very smooth
she may not be the fastest but she is very clean and flying and that’s the
thing you need to do that you do not want to be crashing in well we are going
into the final of this race here tonight and I can tell you we are Austria

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