सुझाब | Sujhab – A short movie.

सुझाब | Sujhab – A short movie.

SUJHAB Do you guys want to hear a joke? There was an old man who died, when he was a baby. What happened bro? It’s been few days that,
I’m suffering from insomnia. I just can’t fall asleep,
it’s so depressing! Oh! Why don’t you count sheeps? -Sheeps?
-Do you guys know how to count sheeps? -You know it right?
-Yeah! I’ve heard it too! I’ve been suffering from,
past few days too! So I decided to count some
sheeps before sleeping yesterday, I passed out before I could
count to ten sheeps. -1 Sheep, 2 Sheep?
-Yeah! Just like that! You’ll fall asleep counting! Yeah! I’ve heard it too! Later that night… 1 Sheep 2 Sheeps 3 Sheeps 4 Sheeps 5 Sheeps 6 Sheeps 7 Sheeps 8 Sheeps 9 Sheeps 10 Sheeps The next morning… 300 Sheeps 301 Sheeps 302 Sheeps 303 Sheeps 304 Sheeps 305 Sheeps 306 Sheeps 307 Sheeps 308 Sheeps 309 Sheeps One Week Later… 6645 Sheeps 6646 Sheeps 6647 Sheeps 6648 Sheeps 6649 Sheeps 6650 Sheeps One Month Later… 2,03,010 Sheeps 2,03,011 Sheeps 2,03,012 Sheeps 2,03,013 Sheeps 2,03,014 Sheeps 2,03,015 Sheeps Heartfelt Condolences to our friend
who has died from counting sheeps.

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  1. My God ….. yesto sujhav tw kunai dusman ley ni na pawos…..?? any way enjoyed a lot …. keep it up dada ?

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