Иностранцы Пробуют Русскую Баню

Иностранцы Пробуют Русскую Баню

Guys, this episode will be very delicious. [In this episode]
We are being boiled in the devil’s bowl right now. -That’s honey.
-Woah. -This is the first time i see honey being used in saunas.
-They will make a barbecue out of us now. -Is it okay?
-No? It’s a russian tradition. -Hold on right here…
-To be honest, it was crazy but awesome. -They want do drive you as toursists…
-We don’t want anything like that, no. -I thought that Russia and Moscow had no female football teams.
-They do. It exists but it’s not as good. -It’s summer outside, and we’re in -12 degrees…
-Minus 15! -Minus 15?
-I’ve fooled you by 3 degrees! Look at this cool toilet! [Alexander Kondrashov] Here we are guys, in the Moscow. I will be sure to show you amazing places to go to. We will do that tomorrow, today we have sauna, and right now i will show you an amazing hotel, which has been built during the Stalin times. Oh! Welcome! -Hello.
-Greetings. You will have an unforgettable journey, we will show you the true russian banya (sauna). You will play football with 2 russian beauties. And you will learn how to make bread in the true russian oven. You will see the sunset on the roof of the highest restaraunt in the Moscow. And you will see what means “Moscow never sleeps”. Now try russian vodka and some blini (pancakes). -Thanks!
-For your good health! -It’s pretty nice.
-Yeah? Nice! One-one! Good morning, friends. That’s how we get ready – just in a few minutes, we’ve had a great night in a hotel “Ukraine”. One of the most beautiful Stalin times hotels, there are only 7 of them left in Moscow. Let’s wash ourselves real quick. Well, we can just wash in the sauna. We will show our german friends how russians spend their free time in sauna (Sauna). At 9AM. Welcome to the russian banya! [Amin’evskie Bany] And this is a bowl which is overhead a fire. They boil some herbs there, they can also pour some milk. It’s like an uha. …with people. Chill-out zone, where you can sit and relax. These are Amin’evskie Bany by the way. I think it’s one of the best saunas in Moscow, you can bathe in sauna, then jump right into the cold pool there. The most important thing in sauna is the steam bath… We will do the hay baths for our german friends. In Germany they have saunas as well, but they are more traditional, everyone goes naked in them and they’re not seperated by genders. Our rules are quite different. But Lucas has never been in a sauna ever, so i think he will like it. -So what do you think, guys? Are you ready?
-Looks like home. It’s amazing, you know, this house with buildings… It looks very traditional. Our morning starts with a healthy oatmeal. -And we try to propogate this culture, start your morning with a healthy breakfast!
-Yeah. -For Germany as well.
-We have that too.
-You do? We also have that, germans also like starting it healthy. -No sausages and fried eggs on breakfast?
-No, no, you think that…
-And what do you usually eat? -Well usually it’s…
-Oatmeal, yeah, and… How do i say it… We also have kelux with coffee, and that’s it. We don’t eat too much, we’re minimalists. And how about beer and pretzels? -That’s usually for saturdays.
-For lunch?
-Yeah. -For saturday movie nights?
-Yeah. Lucas, try this, this is russian kvas, it’s like Coca-Cola. -It’s liked mixed beer.
-Yeah, it’s like a mix between cola and beer. -Cola and beer?
-Kind of. They make a home-like food here, like you’ve visited your parents. It’s like at home, like your mom or grandpa used to cook, but we have to not eat too much. Because we are going bathing! -It’s okay?
-No? It’s a russian tradition. We’re using steam for this… -This is honey.
-Woah. -This is the first time i see honey being used in saunas.
-They will make a barbecue out of us now -We always do that.
-We will eat him now. -Does he feel good now?
-It’s his first time i think.
-He doesn’t understand it?
-He says that it’s amazing, and very joyful. -Hold on right here…
-To be honest, it was crazy but awesome. You see, he won’t get enough of it now. When you come out, it’s crazy, really. I’ve never thought something like this exists… Holy sh*t! -Good morning, Lucas!
-Yeah. -Happy birthday, you’re reborn.
-Yeah, yeah. Goodbye! -This is amazing.
-Yeah, look…
-This is very cool that way. We are being boiled in the devil’s bowl right now. -I think it already smells like soup!
-Smells like something burned! Our next procedure is a quick massage. -This is an amazing feeling.
-Yeah. Wow. Guys, now this is what i call a real good russian morning. If you’ve never gone to banya or steam bathed with a broom, then you haven’t experienced the life yet. It’s a real joy, like you’ve reborn, if you want to get high without any drugs, but just by bathing with a broom and drinking some hot tea… …then hat’s where you go. -Nice!
-Wow, heftish! [Fleet “Radisson Royal”]
Alright, so the 2nd thing we’ve wanted to show you is the cruise fleet “Radisson Royal”, that goes straight from the hotel “Ukraine”. It’s very cool as you can see the whole Moscow by it. If the weather is bad you can come here, sit in a comfortable and warm zone. There are mostly tourists and foreigners. In my opinion, it’s the most comfortable form of chilling, you know how i love the cruises. -They want do drive you as toursists…
-We don’t want anything like that, no.
-It was a joke, obviously. They have guides there. They also have food trips, where you go around and taste different delicious food. -Hey guys, this is Luzhniki.
-Yeah, this is the World Cup stadium. Behind us we have a World Cup stadium that we pass by on a boat. It looks very comfortable. -We’re going down the Moscow river…
-Look at the view! -1, 2, 3!
-Woo! This is the new park – Zaryad’e, let’s wave at the people. -Hello!
-…can we do this again…
-Hello Moscow! [Stadium “Luch”]
We are at the Stadium “Luch”, we’ve arranged an interactive match between our german friends and a female football team. These girls are cute but they play football very well. Hello girls, please introduce yourselves and where are you from, and why do you have such a cute outfit. We were invited by a league called “Patheon”. We had a casting, where i was picked as the captain of the team. -There are 24 of us right now.
-24, yeah. We’ve played football for 2.5-3 years. -We’ve come into this without any skills at all.
-You’re women, why football?
-We are women, yeah. We are women and football players. -I thought that Russia and Moscow had no female football teams.
-They do. -But actually it exists and it’s kind of cute.
-Actually, we have 20 teams in this city.
-We do now, and half of the Moscow plays it. -Half of the Moscow? Really?
-Yeah, many girls are playing football now. Thank you for coming here to support it! -What’s your name?
-Irina. -Hello, Ira.
-Hi. -And what’s your name?
-Are you all Irinas? -Yeah.
-We are all Irinas.
-Yeah… -My name is Oksana, i’m the goalkeeper.
-Hello..- Oh really? -Yeah, i have this uniform.
-That’s really cool, nice. -Hello, what’s your name?
-Diana? That’s cool, high five! Yeah… Actually, i’m not really a good player. I used to play football till blue in my childhood, but i grew out of it. These are professional players, and now i will show you how it looks like. They’ve tought the guys a game called “Butt”. The loser team goes to the gates and turns around… And then they do something like we call in Germany “Arscheissen”. -How is it translated?
-“In the butt”.
-Yes! -Hit in the butt?
-This is a motivation not to lose, because getting hit by a ball in the butt is unpleasant, to say the least. You’re special of this game! Oh, no! Not! Do it Diana! Yeeaah! Two times! And now the coach, he shouldn’t be kicking but he does for some reason. -Alright, thanks everyone, girls! You’re all amazing!
-Thank you! And we’re going to the restaraunt “Russki”. [Luzhniki ->Vistavochnaya] [Luzhniki –>Vistavochnaya] [Luzhniki —>Vistavochnaya] [Luzhniki —->Vistavochnaya] [Luzhniki —->Vistavochnaya] This is the world’s highest and coldest bar. Highest russian oven. And the most beautiful view. [Restaraunt “365 Insight]
-I don’t know…
-Lucas do you like this view?
-No. This is really normal in Germany. -It’s crazy, every morning when you wake up it’s like the same city.
-Yeah. I think that’s my restaraunt, guys, because you can probably go diving here or underwater hunting. Kamchatka crabs, oysters… Everything from around the world… Delicious food, from France as well. By the way, one of the best oyster-bars is located exactly there. Coming to this restaraunt you can be sure it will be very delicious, because i know the owners and constitutors of it, and they try their best to ensure the quality of the food You will always find babu beef and the best japanese meat here. The best delicacies from around the world are gathered in this restaraunt. This is an amazing view. Amazing… This is the best view on Moscow, i’m 1000000% sure. I’ve never seen something more beautiful. -So beautiful! So beautiful! So beautiful!
-So cold! Sasha, the higher thing is only love. And that’s true. #Only the love is higher We’ve been thinking a lot on what souvenir we should gift to the guys. And of course it’s the Moscow’s air! We are in the walls of a project called “3-5-4”. This building has a 360 degrees view. Let’s check it out. Amazing… Look at this cool toilet! That’s how you can sit there in a toilet. You can do your things and look at this amazing sunset. Leodor, please tell us about the menu, i see some signs like planes here… Feathers as well… All of the dishes presented in this menu are either very rare in Russia and Moscow… Or even they are found, they are the best quality you can get in the whole country and Moscow. The planes mean the products that are transported here fresh from Japan and Shri-Lanka. Feathers mean products that have a high prime cost, so making them more expensive is unacceptable. It’s a very rare occasion when you can taste a very rare product for it’s prime price. Interesting products: Premium burger “Meat from Vagyu”, with gold and truffels. It has everything rare and tasty, and it only costs 5000 rubles. It’s very cool, makes people enjoy coming here. It’s like a real gold, and it’s absolutely delicious, really. It tastes almost like carpaccio. -It’s very light.
-It’s a really different taste from lots of other food, but i like it, yeah. This is the first time i taste a carpaccio like this, it has that smoked taste to it… The meat is fresh and raw, but the taste feels like smoked. -This is canina, Nastya.
-That’s canina.
-It’s a marble cane. -Canina?
-It’s a very rare delicacy, you can’t find it everywhere.
-I really love it. We are continuing our journey by going into the restaraunt called “Russki”. -And get the guys to the VICE-bar, it’s a bar located on a height of…
-354m. It’s 354 meters high and always has a -12 degrees temperature. -Am i right?
-Also there lives Pushkin.
-Seriously? -Seriously.
-Let’s go see it then. [Restaraunt “Russki”]
At the entrance, every guest is given a fur coat, men get a yak fur coat and girls get a llama fur coat. -Now that’s an attire you’ve got!
-Looks really cool. -Oh, just like that?
-Yeah-yeah-yeah. -Valenki-valenki…
-It looks really good in this setting. Cool. -Yeah, just like that.
-You know, it’s really cool when you have an experience like that.
-Are you ready? -Yeah, we are ready.
-Then come in. Wow! Wooooah! The steam comes out of your mouth here! -It’s summer outside, and we’re in -12 degrees…
-Minus 15! -Minus 15?
-I’ve fooled you by 3 degrees! Yeah, look at that, the hearts here..
Touch this! How we eat a caviar here: you take a bit of bread on your tongue… -And push it against the upper part.
-Oh, so you drink… -No, first you’ll have to make a caviar taste in your mouth.
-Alright? And then you drink, and then eat something. Yeah, nice one, let’s do it like russians, one-shot! Nice! -You have an amazing job, bro. Really.
-I know right? -How is it, Misha?
-Do you like it, Yana?
-Yes. Only in the real cold the high-degree alcohol tastes best. -Yeah.
-That’s why it’s a russian drink, because Russia is associated with cold weather! I can assure that it’s the highest russian oven in the world. Lucas is warming the borscht up. I thought nothing could surprise me in Moscow, but it did. I recommend you to visit restaraunt “Russki”, and be amazed like me. Guys, this is russian, traditional, famous borscht! [BORSCHT] I love borscht as well. It tastes like my grandma used to make, so that’s why i like it. It’s rare for me to go to restaraunts to taste traditional russian cuisine. That aren’t like your traditional cuisine. It has everything i love – salo, pelmeni (dumplings), vareniki… This episode will be very delicious, so make sure to bring something to eat as well. Or just come to this restaraunt. Guys, what do you think about russian food right now? Right now… It’s really my taste, to be honest. Pelmeni, russian pelmeni, right? -Yeah.
-It’s called pelmeni. Let’s have a taste. -Sasha…
-I think my mom would be mad right now, as she always makes me pelmeni. They’re just like mom’s. -I’ve tasted different pelmenis in my life…
-Oh, you’ve found a sour cream as well! I’ve even tasted them in America, but i must say, these beat all the records. We only use authentic russian ingridients. And out of them we make our balanced drinks. We steam it out 4 times in a row. So it becomes more concentrated. Then of course add the motherland’s vodka. -Right in the end, the taste starts to shine, like juice.
-It’s amazing.
-Yeah. -Interesting…
-It’s a nice alternative to martini…
-Martini, yeah. -Take a sip, Misha.
-Not bad, yeah. -Very tasty.
-Yeah. -Interesting recipe.
-Great! -I’d like to say, that it doesn’t feel like alcohol at all.
-It’s more like a drink that extends the night. Guys, finally this crazy and amazing day has come to an end, all of us are tired. We’ve tried to record for you the most important and useful information you can find in Moscow. Write in the comments what we could record as well. Thanks to everyone for the help… Thanks to Nastya. Thank you guys! -Thank you!
-Thank you for this great evening, man.
-Thank you. -Do you like the Moscow?
-It’s beautiful.
-Yes. -Cheers, for your good health!
-Cheers! For your good health! With the support of Federal Tourism Agency.

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